Thursday 23 February 2023
Due to high spam bot activity we had to add additional check for new threads. Now threads are by default in pending for review state and until approval they will not be visible to others beside admin and a thread creator.
Additional news is regarding forum registration that is blocked now. It will be only available via small payment that is going to be introduced soon or by purchasing Extension plugin which creates user account by default. One time fee for creating new account will be $9.99 .

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Submit button seems not to respond

Dear Nikola, my site has an error  my customers complain about. After having completed all needed fields on my reservation…

523 views1 answers0 votes
Nikola Loncar answered 4 years ago
appointments google not entering in EA

Hi Nicola I have the same issue as some other users. When I move or update a calendar entry in…

549 views2 answers0 votes
Nikola Loncar answered 4 years ago
Green color for free day slots = OK. But green color for hour slots NOT ok.

Dear Nikola after a while I was able to change the dayslots into light green by adding the following code:…

1156 views2 answers0 votes
biosdi answered 5 years ago
error when trying to download extension plugin

safari cant open the page - error is operation couldnot be a directory. nsposixeerrordomain:21  after taken the whole file…

1089 views2 answers0 votes
Nikola Loncar answered 6 years ago
After clicking submit, nothing happens

Dear Nikola plse see screen shot. I completed all fields of the form but after clicking 'submit', the button greys…

753 views1 answers0 votes
Nikola Loncar answered 6 years ago
Nothing happens after clicking submit

If a user submits an appointment request, the form does not display the “done message Site is:  and the…

941 views2 answers0 votes
actyves answered 6 years ago
Parttime professional – How blocking parts of calendar

Hi What is the easiest way to block certain parts of the agenda for not being able to book? So…

722 views0 answers1 votes
actyves asked 6 years ago

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