After clicking submit, nothing happens

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actyves asked 6 years ago
Dear Nikola plse see screen shot. I completed all fields of the form but after clicking 'submit', the button greys out and this little symbol shows up and it is impossible to click on the Submit-button (nothing happens- no emails are being sent) Hope you can let me know how to resolve this. I've tried sevreal setting changes but it doesnt improve... :-(   Kind regards Yves
actyves replied 6 years ago

Sorry I cant upload the png file.
The problem is as well that there is no message ‘ thank you for your reservation, etc..’ which i had created and which has worked for several months…

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, looks like there is some kind of error on the backend during Appointments creation. Can you please tell me do you have access to error.log file on your hosting? Best regards, Nikola