Last modified: November 21, 2021

Easy Appointments

– Emails are sent from “WordPress”!

If yours customers or you receive emails From WordPress you will need to change settings value for Send from option inside EasyAppointments Settings > Customize page. It should be formatted as: Some Name <> instead of having only email. If there is no name before email default sender will be WordPress

– How to translate labels?

Form labels can change in settings page but if you want to translate rest of it you need to create translation file. Here is video tutorial for that : Screencast

– How to override Booking overview section

If you need custom content or style for booking section after customer fills out form then follow this steps. First thing is to copy template file called booking.overview.tpl.php from EA plugin templates folder to you Theme folder under /easy-appointments/ subfolder. After that is done you can alter template content. 🙂

– How to hide service / location / worker in front end part of form?

To do this you must create one location / worker or service and set Name that starts with underscore. For example : _dummy, _location

– In admin panel all pages from plugin are blank?

You have this error in error log after you open the admin panel :

Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in ...wp-content/plugins/easy-appointments/src/templates/appointments.tpl.php on line 15

You have probably turned on option in PHP called asp_tags, you need to turn it off in order to plugin work properly. Asp tags are thing of past so you can turn it off or update to PHP7 where that feature is not longer available.

– I can’t edit or delete any settings?

Your hosting is probably blocking HTTP PUT and DELETE method. You must mark option called ‘Compatibility mode’ in settings.

– How to set multiple slots for one combination of location, service, worker?

To add more slots per (location, service, worker) combination just clone the existing one. For two slots you need to have that connection twice.

– How to insert Easy Appointments widget on Page/Post?

Place following shortcode into your Page/Post content:




For bootstrap there are options : width : default value 400px scroll_off : default value off layout_cols : default value 1

Example :

[[ea_bootstrap width="800px" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2"]]

– How to set form in two columns?

You can set bootstrap form in two columns with layout_cols option. Example :

[[ea_bootstrap width="800px" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2"]]

– Form is not styled properly?

This is most likely the case of some kind of conflict between current Theme on site and Easy Appointments. First thing is to try tuning off all styles from plugins customize page. If that is looking better just add missing styles to custom Styles field.

– How to create calendar only for one worker / service / location?

If you want to have separate calendars base on worker for example. You can do that by setting default worker inside short code.

[[ea_bootstrap worker="1"]]

Value is worker #id number. Examples :

[[ea_bootstrap worker="1"]]
[[ea_bootstrap worker="1" location="1"]]
[[ea_bootstrap worker="1" location="1" service="1"]]

– How to set custom cron task for clearing reserved slots?

Create cron task on your host that have this link : wget -q -O - <STIE_URL>/?_ea-action=clear_reservations > /dev/null 2>&1 . This will delete all reservations older than 6min.

Dedicated page for setting the Cron

Extension plugin

– The time is wrong on Google Calendar after upload ?

Please make sure that time zone is the same on WordPress and Google Calendar. Also use only time zones with name.

– How to turn of sync back from Google Calendar ?

You can easily turn off sync of new Appointments from Google calendar simply by leaving the empty field for Default service and location.

– There is no event in Google Calendar after creating Appointment in Easy Appointments?

Please make sure that Employee have valid email along with Customer. Google will throw an error if there are invalid email addresses. Also make sure that status of Appointment is confirmed instead of pending, only confirmed appointments are sent to Google Calendar.

– How to turn off sending SMS from Twilio for one status?

Just leave the template text box empty for that particular Appointment status.