Last modified: September 22, 2018

Twilio setup

Twilio is one of largest API communication provider. Allowing you to have programmatic SMS/MMS/Calls and much more. Extension plugin supports sending SMS via Twilio. But before you start using it there is couple of steps that you need to follow.


First of all you will have to create Twilio account. Once that is done next step is to buy phone number which will be used for sending SMS notification. You can do that via option on main Twilio Dashboard screen :

Next step is to copy that phone number to Extension Twilio settings  and save it.

also you will have to select which custom field is holding the customers phone number. This is important because Extension plugin can’t find phone number if you don’t specify where it is.

API Tokens

Once you have selected field and added phone number to Extension next part is to add Account SID and Authtoken . You can find those inside Twilio Settings Page  :

Copy/paste those values but watch for blank spaces after/before valuse and remove them if there are some.

Once that is done and settings are saved Extension plugin can send SMS notification to the customer on Appointments creation.

SMS Templates

There are templates for each Appointment status ( Pending / Reservation / Canceled / Confirmed ). If you don’t want to use notifications for example for Reservation status just leave empty that template. Empty templated are ignored.

You can also send reminder SMS to customer on selected interval.