Trying to set up 45 minute duration appointment and having troubles!

Support forumTrying to set up 45 minute duration appointment and having troubles!
Noreen asked 4 years ago
Hi: I'm setting up Easy Appointments for a free tax clinic we're running. I have two questions. 1. We are offering 45-min sessions from 4 pm until 7:30 pm. And there are 4 people  or "workers". Each can accommodate 6 time slots with no break in between.  I have created 8 workers (ie Tax Consultant 1, Tax consultant 2, Tax consultant 3, Tax Consultant 4. (For each of them, I have said they have 6 slots) Here's my problem:  What information do I enter in Duration (in minutes), Slot step (in minutes) Block before (in minutes) Block after (in minutes). I have tried multiple combinations but keep getting the duration/slot_step) must be a round number.  Second question: I am getting notifications as admin when someone makes a booking, plus as a test user I also received a confirmation email I had made a booking, but the test user isn't getting a confirmation email after booking status has been changed from pending to confirmed. I read something about adding a link in the Admin panel, but I'm sorry I didn't understand what that meant? What link? Where do I put it? (In the body of the email?)  Thanks SO SO SO much for your help
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Noreen, I have send you direct reply. Also one more thing you need to set slot step and duration to be 45. Best regards, Nikola