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Gertjan Muller asked 7 years ago
Before ading the woocommerce add-on we like to know if it's possible to at 2 workers to 1 location / service. We have 2 VR rooms, when combined create 1 double vr room. In the current configuration settings it isn't possible to have 2 workers ( vr rooms ) acting as 1 room. So when 1 vr room is booked the large vr room should not be bookable.   Regards GJ
2 Answers
gjm Staff answered 7 years ago
I have tried different connections with the multiple workers option turned off. strangly enough it works well when we book a single vr room, then the double room is greyed out. And the second single room is still available. But when we book the double room, then we can still book 2 single VR rooms. Can't get me head around it........
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Gertjan, just to make one thing clear, one connection is one time slot. So for example if you have two connections for same service it will make like there is a two free slots that can be booked. Best way of seeing the settings is to go to the Reports > Time table. There you will see how much slots are there per combination (location / service / worker). In you current settings that double room is making an issue because it needs to block other two. :( Best regards, Nikola