Change Services and Connections but keep existing bookings?

Support forumChange Services and Connections but keep existing bookings?
mindfit Staff asked 7 years ago
Hi Nikola
Thanks for the amazing plugin, we have been using it since our business started 1 year ago.  But now I need to know a few things before I change settings We have had the same services/workers/connections for a year and have bookings that are up to 8 months in the future. We are expanding and changing and doubling our appointment days.  Each appointment is an hour so we do 8 a day and soon will have 16.  for example we now have
service=monk/worker=in-house/connections=monday 9-5
service=ajarn/worker-in-house/connections=weds-sat 9-5

We want to change the monk-inhouse- to Monday, Thursday, Saturday and the
Ajarn-inhouse to Tuesday and Friday This is easy enough to edit the settings - but what happens to the bookings that where made under the old settings? Now they are 80% booked for 2 months ahead, and 40% up to 8 months in the future.  I do not want to lose 400 appointments already booked Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If the plugin does delete or change the existing bookings when the connection details are changed, is there a way to export and re import them later?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, editing the connections want delete already created Appointments but you wouldn't be able to edit the time field there because it will have new connection settings. If you have access to database you can export all appointments (it's located in one table). There is no option to export/import appointments from plugin. Best regards, Nikola
mindfit Staff answered 7 years ago
Thanks for the reply, I was wondering about this as a solution If I turn off \"is working feature\" on the old connections and add new connections with the worker/service and connection I now desire.  Will the existing bookings remain?  If I select Multiply workers option will this take the previous bookings into consideration and not book over they existing bookings?   Thanks