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Heath asked 6 years ago
I have two related questions. I offer 5 consulting services thru multiple locations (video chat, teleconference, or on-site).
  1. I would like my clients to first select which service they want first, then select the location where they want that service provided (video chat, teleconference, or on-site). The system does not allow for me to configure it so that my clients can select Service-then-Location. The default is Location-then-Service. Can that be switched?
  2. Of the 5 service I offer, some are free consultations and some are the actual paid services. On the appointments page I created, when my clients selects the drop-down for the services, they see both the free and paid services. Is there a way I can filter the list of services my clients see in the drop-down that when my clients click on the link to schedule an appointment for on of my paid services, they only see the paid services I offer? I know I'll have to create a separate page for free and paid service, but how do I filter the lists on each of those pages to only show the appropriate services?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Heath, regarding first part. You will have to change template to make different order but I will not suggest that because update of EA will override local changes. For second question I am not sure that it is possible now. :( Best regards, Nikola