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Dimitrios Galanis asked 6 years ago
 First of all congratulations for the 2way sync google calendar. It is working like a charm now. Waiting for the international prefix integration. And something else: When the customer receives a message from twilio sender ID is Verify by default. I contacted twilio again for this and they told my that is the app designers job again. I am transfering their words for you to know.    As we are an API, all activity is done via an API request, this includes outbound sms. So if you want to change your sender ID you need to do so from the API, such as this ; curl -XPOST \
-d "Body=Let%27s%20grab%20lunch%20at%20Milliways%20tomorrow!" \
-d "To=%2B15558675310" \
-d "From=TWILIO" \
-d "MediaUrl=" \
-u 'AC452796871bdd15c64d02585123cf6316:your_auth_token'
So wherever you are generating your requests is where you need to change it. Either via a manual code adjustment, or if you are using a 3rd party application, have them change it on your behalf
dimitrios_galanis replied 6 years ago

I would like to be able to change the sms ID Verify for my company name for example. Twilio supports an sms name for my country alphasender is supported for Greece. I would be grateful if you could integrate this feature also Nicola.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, I am working on that country code prefix now :). Regarding this part you want to set "Name" instead of showing number from it was sent? Best regards, Nikola
dimitrios_galanis replied 6 years ago

For some reason the sms ID my customers receive is ”Verify” and not the number I have in twilio. Maybe because alphasender is enabled. I would prefer to change it to ”drgalanis”. Twilio told me that they cannot change it only the app designer can do that. So I am asking whether Verify is set by you as default and whether I can change it for drgalanis(my name). Otherwise I prefer Verify as ID instead of the awkard twilio number which is useless to show.
If you could handle this also it would be great.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, I can add that also. Ok it will be part of new version.

Best regards,

dimitrios_galanis answered 6 years ago
Congratulations the sender ID change is now possible if you change the mobile number for a word up to 10 letters approximately. Keep up the good work!
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, it will be added there soon. It’s on the road map 🙂 sorry for waiting.

Best regards,

petra_de_jong answered 5 years ago
Hi, where did you change the senders ID? In the WP page you can only add the phonenumber or is it also possible to enter a name in stead of the phone number from Twilio?
dimitrios_galanis replied 5 years ago

you can also enter the name it works now

petra_de_jong replied 5 years ago

wonderfull, thanks