Random appointments canceling by themselves?

Support forumRandom appointments canceling by themselves?
raul mocuta asked 7 years ago
Dear Nikola Hi, and thank you for your time. I have been using your plugin for about a year now without a hitch. However lately, I am getting complains from clients that had their appointment canceled without their implication. Has this occured before? Could this be a bug? And could you please tell me if there is a solution?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, this is totally new for me. In case of canceling there should be an email with notification. Have you received those emails? Best regards, Nikola
Raul Mocuta Staff answered 7 years ago
Yes, I am getting the cancelation email and so do the clients. A random amount of days after making the appointment. The default state for them is confirmed. I am the only one who has access to site administration. I am getting about 3 - 4 calls per week with people saying they received a cancelation email out of the blue. I myself can't duplicate the problem in my tests but it may be because it happens so seldom. Is there anything I should check?
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Raul, I am not sure what can be done there. You are first one to report such thing. I have one question are you using Extension plugin? In case that you have Google Calendar settings there by deleting appointment from Calendar it will cancel same event within EA. Best regards, Nikola
Raul Mocuta Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi, and thank you for the close followup. I am using the basic/free plugin with a very simple setup: une worker, one service, appointments confirmed by default, no custom css, no advanced configs. So there’s really not a lot to troubleshoot there. Otherwise, the plugin works spot on (you have really done an excellent job).

So if there’s nothing wrong with the plugin the only other possibility is that somebody somehow is doing this on purpose or found a loophole to get the appointment sooner. Like get the confirmation email, print it, cancel, and then make another appointment for somebody else for the same slot and so on. If this is the case can I somehow prove/prevent this?

Just to make sure, I am also changing my wp admin pass and untick the mail to worker option so me and the clients will be the only ones to get the email.

I will keep you posted

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 years ago

Hi Raul, maybe there is some kind of unwanted crawler that is accessing the emails and trigger all links within emails.

Best regards,