Support forumCategory: BugsProblem with busy slots for two services
Jorge Estrada asked 9 months ago

I have a problem in the following scenario.
I have one service that lasts 30 minutes with a slot step of 30 minutes. (service one)
I have another service that lasts 60 minutes with a slot step of 30 minutes. (service two)
A user books an appointment for service one at 4:30. Then, A user wants to book an appointment for service two at 3:30 and sees in the calendar that from 4:00 to 5:00 the two slots are busy. 
In other words, whenever I want to book an appointment that takes one hour, the calendar blocks a 30-minute slot prior to the next appointment.
I would really need your help because I do not know why is this happening.

daniel_honegger replied 8 months ago

Yes, we have the same problem. Would be good if this could be fixed soon. See also bug report