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rudy_de_saedeleir asked 2 years ago
I connected 9 products on WooCommerce with 9 services in EA (as explained on YouTube), but the appointments don't give a checkout in WC. It only says 'done'. The appointment are booked, but the status remains open. Add to cart is marked. Latest versions of WC (6.5.1) EA (3.10.1) EA connect (0.16.1) installed
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, sorry for late reply. Have you added redirect to EA > Setting ? Those should be visible only after you have been redirected to checkout or on other page that you have entered there. Best regards, Nikola
rudy_de_saedeleir replied 2 years ago

Thank you Nikola. It’s ok now, but you should mention this step in the manual on YouTube.
It’s not in there.
Very good plugin, by the way 😉