'block before', happening without setting it.

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systous asked 2 years ago
We have all our \"block before\" options set to 0. However it appears as though, recently, the system is engaging that for blocks of time over an hour. 

For instance, if we have an existing Appt from 11-12.... I can book at the 10 and 1030 slots using 30 minute appt times. When I go to 1hr appt times.. the 1030 slot is now greyed (makes sense as an hour would run into the next appt)....HOWEVER... I am prevented from placing 1hr appt at the 10 slot...despite there being a full hour of availability, because the 1030 slot is \"greyed\". The 11-12 appt has NO pre or post book settings. Unsure why the 1030 slot is being greyed when we select 1hr or more. Unsure why we are being blocked. The google connection works correctly (it blocks the right time on google cal)... and the emails all state their reservations correctly, IE the 11-12 appt setter gets an email saying 11-12 with no mention of a preblock at 1030. 

This is just preventing our users from picking available timeslots right now. 

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide! 
daniel_honegger replied 2 years ago

We have the same problem.
As we have two services:
Service 1 | Duration 30 | Slot Step 30 | Block before 0 | Block after 0
Service 2 | Duration 60 | Slot Step 30 | Block before 0 | Block after 0

If there is an existing appointment, the hour before can be booked with two 30 min Services but not with a 60 min Service.
Who can help?

WordPress version: 5.9.3
Plugin version: 3.9.3

daniel_honegger replied 2 years ago

@luda_ameba any solution?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Daniel, have you tried with latest version.

Best regard,

systous replied 2 years ago

We have upgraded to the latest version and have not seen a change in behavior.

30 min slots work fine.
1hr blocks present a “prebook” of 30 minutes on any existing 1hr appts.
Longer blocks produce a longer “prebook” equally. 1.5 hour requested booking.. produces 1hr prebook block on existing appts.

We can “force” events via the plugin/website directly.
This display bug only happens on the website interaction.
Google connections work fine.


daniel_honegger replied 2 years ago

Yes, same for me. The latest version does not fix the problem.

wukutuphane replied 1 year ago


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daniel_honegger answered 1 year ago
Is there any news about this? The issue still exists.