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johny2k Staff asked 5 years ago
Hello. I want to use your plugin for a directory with sports facilities. Before buying the add-ons I want to know:
1. Can I create users~workers who only manage their own bookings?
2. Can I set each user to see only their own bookings in Google Calendar?
3. Can a user approve or refuse a booking directly from Google Calendar?
4. Do you have a shortcode for the easy_app_reports page? Which is? Can I show with a shortcode only reports for a particular user? Thx for your time.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Johny, regarding your questions: 1. There will be such thing but not atm. Work on that is in progress. 2. This is passible atm. You can connect each employee to own Google Calendar. But keep in mind that all those calendars must be shared with single Google Account. 3. Events are 2-way synced, but for that is best to use link from admin notification. 4. No atm. Best regards, Nikola
johny2k Staff replied 5 years ago

Thx for your time. I’ve been working on a project for some time and although I’ve tried all plugins, yours is what I need. However, each worker should be able to manage his appointments alone.
In addition, we’ve used the Salon plugin for a while, and they have a calendar back from where you can easily add a meeting or delete it. I find it easy for users who are not really good at computers.
I put my project in stand by and wait until you implement the user option.

I hope you add the option as soon as possible.
thx again for your time.


johny2k Staff replied 5 years ago

PS And i need a custom redirect for every worker. :))). if it’s posible. thx.