Support forumCategory: BugsCustom form sort unsorts when sent and received in email
markg asked 3 years ago

I’m having trouble with the program changing the sorting of the custom form.   
I have tried deleting everything and running WP-Optimize to clear all caches etc and when I re-typed all the Custom form fields it still won’t send the emails properly sorted.  
What can I do to fix this?  If there’s a fix or I’m doing something wrong please asap let me know.  Thanks. 
View pics here:

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markg answered 3 years ago

Here is another view of the problem.I re-entered all the custom forms and labels inside them.Here is the way I originally sorted them.

Then I realize I need to add the Label named \’City\’.Once I do and then move it up into place, afterwards this is what happens to the sorting.