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Alex asked 12 months ago

Hi Nikola, everything was fine until few weeks ago when I noticed that I can’t see an appointment (confirmed) in my Google calendar. I decided to try it myself – definitely no update goes to the calendar now. Nothing has been updated on my side – no password changes, no new Easy Appointment settings eg. new workers, new locations, new services. Wonder what has happened. Thanks in advance.

H replied 12 months ago

I would install “WP Crontrol” plug-in and then check that eac_google_sync is running in cron. The last time the Easy Appointments Connect plug-in updated itself, we lost twilio_sync in cron. We had to turn SMS reminder off and back on to have twilio_sync running again. After that, we turned off auto-updates.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Alex, do you have any notification on top of the EA Connect [beta] admin page?

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