Error: duration / slot step must be round number.

Support forumCategory: Feature requestsError: duration / slot step must be round number.
mrdoubleyou asked 6 years ago
Use case:
My brother offers guitar lessons with a duration of 45 minutes. After each lesson he wants 15 minutes to prepare for the next lesson. So the duration is 45 minutes and the slot step is 60 minutes.
I can't enter that now, as it results in the error message: "duration / slot step must be round number".
Initially it took me a while to decrypt this error message. I thought it meant that either duration or the slot step must be a round number, which they both were..... Proposed solution:
I'd like this check to change to: duration <= slot step.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, duration must be >= to the slot time not another way around. Slot time is used to allow booking time selection to be in smaller intervals then service duration. For example slot time 15 minutes and service duration 60 (60:15=4) Best regards, Nikola
mrdoubleyou replied 6 years ago

I understand. And disagree for my situation 🙂
I need a booking time in a larger interval than the service duration.
For now I can just use the same interval for the duration and the slot step. Because the duration isn’t shown, it isn’t really a problem.
So no need to fix or alter it for me.