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roman asked 5 years ago
Hello Nikola , 
My customers live in different time zones. How to let customers to select their own  time zone and let them to book an appointment in their own time and own time zone (that is different from the one set in WordPress: Settings>General>Timezone).
It is very important feature as it very inconvenient to use this plugin for customers who live in different time zones. Thank you. 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Roman, that is in plan but it will require some big changes on core part of plugin. It should be on customers timezone without selecting timezone. Best regards, Nikola
roman replied 5 years ago

Hi Nicola, thank you for your prompt update. Is that possible just to simplify it? Easy appointment uses WordPress timezone and WordPress makes all time/schedule of available slots based on WordPress timezone. Users who want to make an appointment can see simple drop down list and select any timezone the want before booking date/time. Once user select its own time zone your script can easily re-calculate time difference between WordPress timezone and timezone user just selected. This time difference will be added (deducted) to (from) dates/time in available date/time slots of your script. Will it require big changes ? Best regards,

adamb replied 4 years ago

Yes, I am also wondering about this feature.