Support forumCategory: BugsOverlapping appointments for same worker in multiple connections are not checked.
mrdoubleyou asked 4 years ago

Use case:
My brother offers free trial guitar lessons for potential customers, but only on specific time slots. These time slots are also available for normal lessons.
So for example on monday morning he is available for trial lessons and for normal lessons. On tuesdays he is only available for normal lessons.
So I created 2 connections with the same worker with overlapping working hours.
The I found out that the plugin doesn’t check if appointments from 1 connection conflict with appointments from the other connection when assigned the same worker.
This leads to appointments for the same worker being scheduled on the same time.


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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago


there is option called multiple work that must not be checked in your case. Please go to EA Settings > Customize page and un-check that option.

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mrdoubleyou replied 4 years ago

Thanks, I missed that option.
It’s working now 🙂