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Mole_lr asked 2 years ago

Latest WP, using latest Ark theme When choose date and time, fill down user fields (we have just name, email and phone), press Submit – nothing happens (meaning – process started, button became disabled, but in Developer Tools Console seeing “Uncaught TypeError: response.responseJSON is undefined” error)!
What could be the reason and how it could be solved?
Thank you!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, have you tried with latest version?

Best regards,

Mole_lr replied 2 years ago

Yes! Unfortunately the same problem “Uncaught TypeError: response.responseJSON is undefined” after pressing Submit…;-(

Mole_lr replied 2 years ago

Sorry, my bad! i was enabled wordpress debug (as site was in development process)! Switching off debugging fixed issue!

But anyway – to find the reason I was need to show in console json error response by adding “console.log(response);” for file “/wp-content/plugins/easy-appointments/js/frontend-bootstrap.js” line 968″ to figure out the problem! And in console I saw response “responseText: “\nNotice: Undefined index: captcha in //wp-content/plugins/easy-appointments/src/ajax.php on line 1130\n\nWarning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /wp-content/plugins/easy-appointments/src/ajax.php:1130) in /wp-content/plugins/easy-appointments/src/ajax.php on line 1064\n{\”id\”:\”26\”}””!

So, please check @your side if this can be fixed! BTW – after seeing error and adding reCaptcha Key and Secret fixed the issue with debugging on!