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lardenoye asked 1 year ago
hi there,  i've installed the plugin here:
(we only have available slots every 2 weeks on thursday) a client tried to make an appointment for the same day, unfortunately this did not work.  i've checked the database for similar tickets, there seemed to be problems with the time settings of the website. So we changed the time zone settings (we are europe based, the netherlands, so amsterdam it is).  still this had no effect.  hope to hear from you.
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lardenoye answered 1 year ago
in addition: also tried to set Honolulu, Hawaii time in WP global settings, but NO difference.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Do you have anything set on service level to block before time? It all depends on settings of EA. For example you have set block time 15 so user can't book appointment if there is less then 15 minutes to it. Best regards, Nikola
lardenoye answered 1 year ago
these are my settings, so there is no block time, as far as i can see.
lardenoye replied 1 year ago

main settings are now also set to 1 (block time)

lardenoye replied 12 months ago