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Jared_P asked 8 months ago
I have never had to add an additional person before and the documentation lacks in this respect, in my opinion. I\'m not sure how to add an employee properly after adding them and their services and making the appropriate connections. Under Connect [BETA] --> Advanced Calendars Sync I have had my own calendar listed previously set to Calendar = Primary, Location = Any, Service = Any and Worker = Any and everything worked great. Now, I switched my calendar\'s setting to Worker = Me and then added a second calendar with Calendar = Primary, Location = Any, Service = Any and Worker = Him/Her. I have not had any problems having my appointments (services) showing up on my Google Calendar, however, the other provider cannot get their services showing up on their Google Calendar. There is only room for one Client ID and Client Secret (API), so, I think I might be missing something? I have not had the second provider log into his Google Workspace to retrieve these API settings because of this. How do I get the second provider\'s appointments to show up on his/her own calendar (instead of just getting an e-mail)?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Jared, sorry for late reply. You need to map exact values in that case for mappings. Avoid usage of any value there if you have more then one calendar. Best regards, Nikola
Jared_P replied 8 months ago

So, just to make sure I understand correctly, if I have 2 (or more) Workers, I need to explicitly map each location (even if there is only one location) and Service for each Worker. Like this:

Location: Service: Worker:
_My_Location Service_A Worker_A
_My_Location Service_B Worker_A
_My_Location Service_C Worker_A
_My_Location Service_D Worker_B
_My_Location Service_E Worker_B

Calendar is set to “Primary” figuring that is the one to use. There are other options available (in my case) for that, but saw no documentation on that either.

If the business is fairly large, this could potentially be a pain to set up. I would think that there would be a way for the plugin to handle all of this automatically? I love programming but the languages used are not what I use.

Thanks for any additional clarification. It would be nice to see this in the documentation too. Besides an ambiguous graphic nothing tell us how to properly do this.

Jared_P replied 8 months ago

Okay, I tried that to experiment and see if I could get it to work properly. The good news is that I’m able to see my own patient’s appointments again when making an appointment. I am, however, seeing appointments made for the other Worker show up on my calendar too but not on their calendar. Is there a setting that I am missing to allow a Worker’s appointments to show up on their calendar and not mine? I set up the Client ID & Client Secret for Google Calendar API access using my account. Is there some access that needs to be given somehow for the API to access the other Worker’s calendar too? Thanks again! This has proven very challenging for me without any guide on how to set up for additional workers.