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shawn asked 2 years ago
Hi Nikola,  Thanks for responding, As you said I checked Reports (old) page with time overview, as you see in the link below that include a screenshot of report(old) on PIC4 in the report for the service of Ensemble Wax(Nose, Ear & Face) you see all the time slot from 9.00 a.m are available and in PIC3 you see the issue still exists! which mean a client can not book the mentioned service earlier than 14:30 ! by the way in PIC5 you see the setup for block time is on (0), so what is the next step to solve this? Click to see screenshot
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Can you please check WP General settings and see the timezone there? Best thing is to publish something on WP site and see the time there. Is it same as on your computer? Best regards, Nikola