Why are appointments overlapping in google calendar?

Support forumCategory: BugsWhy are appointments overlapping in google calendar?
magdalena_rodriguez asked 2 years ago
Hi Nikola, in my calendar I have some events certain days at certain hours, and when I try to book an appointment in my website those hours don’t appear blocked. Why could this be happening?Also it lets me book an appointment even if there is something in the google calendar it books the appointment overlapping the event in google calendar.Another thing that it is happening now is that I can’t make my app internal in the google console. What am I doing wrong? Do you know if something has changed in google console? I was able to do it internal in other installations.Thank you
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, can you please check status for those appointments? Only confirmed appointments are synced with Google Calendar. Pending appointments are not send to GCal. Best regards, Nikola