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David Zapata asked 2 years ago
Hello, I would like to know if there is any code that allows a client to schedule an appointment the same day but taking into account 2 hours of difference Example: it is 8:00 but there are shifts available from 9:00 but how to check if the service Chosen by the client we can do it or it is definitely his turn for the next day so it is better to have a period of 2 hours to send him the confirmation or call him to tell him that this work cannot be done There is a code so that you can only book the next day or after several days, but I am interested in being able to attend you the same day but that we can check with 2 hours in advance if the work you want to do can be done and we can confirm Just as the plugin checks the time zone, I would think if there is how it also recognizes the time and lets schedule appointments 2 hours after the time you try to schedule an appointment