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ajay_joshi asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I’m a new user of this plugin. I am receiving the Worker/Admin emails just fine but the User emails are not received. The Email Log shows as sent, SMTP test is fine, etc. 
I’ve done tests using different user emails and none are received, even though one of the emails was the same as the Worker/Admin email address which arrived.

It seems that some other folks are seeing specific errors in the logs, but I am seeing no errors. 
I welcome any suggestions! Thanks so much.

3 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, can you please go to EA Settings > Tools page and try email test from there (both of them)?

Best regards,

ajay_joshi answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Nikola,
I was able to send emails to several different emails, using both the regular and native send emails.
I am using a staging site to set up and test the plugin, and all email tests have been fine except for the User end emails from EA not being received. 
Thanks for your help.

ajay_joshi replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Nikola, I wanted to make sure my email reply was clear… that the test emails you requested I send were sent and no errors were logged. What could be the next thing to check to see why User emails were not received?
Thanks again.

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 days ago

Hi, sorry for waiting. Next thing should be to check if you have custom field with email type in form.

Best regards,