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Andi Barrels asked 1 year ago

Hey Nikola
First of all: thanks for the awesome tool you created!
I’ve been working to set it up to my needs and seem to be happy so far.
One thing I could not resolve yet.
If a customer clicks on a time slot, that does not leave enough time for the appointment, there is the javascript message ‘You can’t select this time slot!’.
Now I’m running on another language and would like to translate that. Is that possible?

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Andreas, that should be possible. Have you created custom translation for EA?

Best regards,

Andi Barrels replied 1 year ago

Hello Nikola, no it was already translated to german. Then I found that message and downloaded a pluging called Loco Translate, but this sentence was not listed.

Best regards

GertC answered 1 week ago

Hi Nikola,
Thanks for the nice plugin!
I encounter the same issue: “You can’t select this time slot!” is not in the Loco translate editor. Is there a way to translate it in code, please?