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sven_deckers Staff asked 9 months ago
Hi   I bought the extension to connect my website with Twilio. Everything worked perfectly fine with the trial account over at Twilio, so I added $30 funds to "go live" and now suddenly, no more messages are being sent. I contacted Twilio support and dug through the SMS logs. I can send an test SMS from their console without issue, but I do not see any message from my website reaching the Twilio console anymore. Has there been an update I'm unaware of?  Please help me resolve this. I just went into production with my booking module and it broke. Thank you. Sven.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 9 months ago
Hi Sven, should no make the difference demo or prod Twillio account. Do you have access to error log file on your site? Please can you check there if there is any error regarding that.    Best regards, Nikola 
sven_deckers Staff replied 9 months ago

Hello Nikola, thanks for getting back at me. There are no entries under “6. Tools > Error log”. But I don’t have any incoming messages in Twilio either since October 21st. It’s very strange. I was about to uninstall en reinstall the plugin to see if that fixes anything.

sven_deckers Staff replied 9 months ago

My webpage is by the way

sven_deckers Staff replied 9 months ago

Reinstalling the plugin did not help.
I am still facing this issue, no error log entries on the site, no message logs over at Twilio.

sven_deckers Staff answered 9 months ago
Ah, I found the issue. Apparently, when entering the country code for your phone number in the form like "0032" it doesn't work, it doesn't even get sent to Twilio. ONLY when you enter the country code like "+32" does it get passed on to Twilio. So you need to enter +32444123456 instead of 0032444123456. It looks like this could be fixed easily.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 9 months ago
Hi, thanks for the update. We will update extension plugin with that change.   Best regards, Nikola
sven_deckers Staff replied 9 months ago

Great! Thx 🙂