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Nabeel Ahmed Rana asked 1 year ago

Hi, I have an International business and my clients/users will be belonging from different countries. I have a doubt if a user selects time for appointment which time it will be my country time or his country time, how time will be synced in Google calendar and also I want to create google meet link in google calendar (as I am providing virtual consultation) when user book appointment, how can I do that??

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, timezone is from your site settings. Same things goes with sync to Google Calendar. Make sure that you select named timezone in WP General settings.

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nabeelarana replied 1 year ago

No i think you didn’t got my point, let me make it clear for you. I am providing services for international clients, I have added time from 6 AM to 10 PM, but I’m not sure which timezone they really are. I mean one of my client booked appointment at 6 Am which was 3 AM of my country (GERMANY). I want to know how can I allow my clients to select their own timezone