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Dominic asked 5 years ago
Hello I have a "man in the middle business". 
My website is generating bookings for beauty studios.

These beauty studios use their own calendars and sometimes have multiple workers. I plan on using multiple google calendars to sync with their calendars, by doing so I have syncable calendars for Easy appointments.

Is easy appointments able to sync multiple free slots per studio?   For example: If i schedule a meeting with studio A. Studio A has 3 workers. Worker 1 has a free slot on Monday, Worker 2 has a free slot on Friday and Worker 3 has a free slot on Saturday. All of their native calendars sync with google calendar who acts as an API for Easy Appointments. On my website I only want to select Studio A and see none of the workers but all of the free slots: Monday Friday and Saturday.   Is this possible?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Dominic, answer to that question is yes and no :) You can Sync multiple Google Calendars but only if they are share with same google account used on EasyAppointments for authorization. But that is not the issue, because you can share those easily, real thing is managing free slots on Google Calendar, by now free slots are calculated based on EA settings. From your example you want to allow them to add free slots and that those slots be available on frontend. That will require some improvements on our side. If you are willing to invest some money beside getting just the Extension we can add it. :) Best regards, Nikola