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sjras Staff asked 5 years ago
Saw a few others asking if there was a way to make different questions for different services, not really sure anyone found an answer. Is that possible? Example, we need to know name & phone for service A. For service B we need to know name and what symptoms your pet is having. Currently if you have a custom field it shows on EVERY service. Is there a way to change that? Also is there a way to give access to the reports/confirming of appointments to an editor or contributor instead of just the admin on an account? I run the site, but our office handles appointments and the thought of them having admin rights on the site is a no go lol. Last thing - We currently use SMARTFORMS so that we can ask as many questions & offer as many options as we need to for our low cost pet clinic (add on services of what shots are wanted, nail trims, etc) during the main scheduled appointment for surgery (see it at That takes our payments for us & everything. The only thing it DOESN'T do is the calendar part of things so we end up collecting the info/payment and then have to phone customers to pick a day/time. Looks like you have a lot of people who would like the option of having something like SMARTFORMS and EASY APPOINTMENTS in one package - perhaps you guys could team up & really cash in on having the best scheduler out there...just a thought