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Bitwea Staff asked 7 years ago
Hi Nikola, We bought your extension EA Plugin last week and we are having trouble synchronizing some google calendars with the plugin. In Connect page -> Google: we want to make sure that we are setting the parameters correctly. So, 1)"Default location" and "Default Service", what do we choose? What are the meaning of these fields? if we choose any location and service, it would works/sync correctly with all google calendars? When we are going to add a new calendar 2) what's the meaning of "primary"  3) In our case, no other calendar appears. It only show "Primary" and then it does appear: "location", "Worker" and "Services".  We want to know why only synced with my google calendar (it is connected with the EA plugin) and why not show the customer's calendars? 4)[...] "For syncing the new Events created in Google calendar, last row for particular calendar will be used" Will be used for what?  Thanks in advance, Abián  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
  1. Default location and Service are there so when you create an Event in Google Calendar it will be synced back to Easy Appointments within that location and service. But only if the "any" option is set in advance part of Google Calendar settings.
  2. Primary calendar is default calendar in Google. So if you haven't set any advanced sync calendars rules, sync should be done with primary Google Calendar.
  3. You need to have writing capability of those calendars in order to have them in list when you are creating Advanced setting rules.
  4. Will be used for sync from EA to Google. Image that you have two calendars with same Service, Location and Worker set. Where do you want to sync Appointments created inside EA. You can sync only with one of those two but who will be selected. Answer is the last one :)
Best regards, Nikola
Bitwea Staff replied 7 years ago

Thank you for your quickly answer!

1. In reference to the question 1, if I have some customers and I want to sync back all their calendars, what default location and service could I set?
2. 3. But when I go to add a new calendar, there arent any more google calendars than the primary. So, I have to connect any google calendar to my google account synced with EA plugin?

I appreciate your time.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 years ago

First thing is to share those Google Calendars to your Google Account. You can do it inside Google Calendar. After that go to EA Google settings and map those calendars in advance section.

Best regards,

Bitwea Staff replied 7 years ago

Hello again Nikola,
We have managed to get the EA and Google calendar synced for different accounts, I mean, when we make an appointment it actually updates on the GCalendari.

But we still have the problem with syncing back any appointment from Google to EA calendar. I don’t know if we have put cron settings wrong or if there is any step we are missing, but when we put some appointment on GCalendar, it nevers end up on EA.

Do you have some video or further explanation to what we should do to make this work?
Thank you again Nikola,

Bitwea Staff replied 7 years ago

Ps: With further explanation I mean something like a stepguide to follow or something like that.