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Abian_Gonzalez Bello Staff asked 7 years ago
Hi! Since last week, we have the EA plugin extension. Now, we are setting up the cronjob on our website. I've seen that Cron is running in my website: "Your Cron is running inside WordPress! Please consider setting Cron to run from System Task Scheduler! By doing that all background task are going to execute on time and without any limitation. Please follow official WordPress guide on Hooking WP-Cron Into the System Task Scheduler." So, I understand that I have to setting up Cron in my website, is like this? Firstly, I have windows system and my server provider is 1and1. After insert the line "define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);" in wp-config.php file through filezilla, how can insert the cron rutine of automation tasks in my wp site? I've seen the next page: "" but Im not clear if I have to use the task scheduler in Windows or if I can insert the cronjob rutine in "wp-cron.php" through filezilla. Could you guide me? and Exactly what is the code to insert? Thanks in advance!, Abian
Abian_Gonzalez Bello Staff replied 7 years ago

Sorry, “″is incorrect. It is “”

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago

you will have to do it on your hosting. So for example on Windows hosting search for Task scheduler and set this command :

wget http://YOUR_SITE_URL/wp-cron.php

set it to run every 5 minutes.
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