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Oscar Wang asked 5 years ago
Hi, I am using Easy Appointment plugin for my Wordpress website, and I absolutely love it! But after a few days of use, I do have a suggestion for the plugin. We are running a pet grooming spa which opens from 8:00am to 5:00pm, normally a grooming will take 2 hours, and the last booking taken time is 2:00pm. I set the worker time from 8:00am to 2:30pm, so on the website it shows all slots till 2:00pm. However, there is one problem I found, the customers can never select any time after 12:30pm because apparently the grooming session would exceed the worker end time. So all slots after 12:30pm will be moot. If I set worker end time to 5:00pm, then the front end will show 2:30pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm etc, which is not what I intended, and they also cannot be selected by customers, they will see a pop-up notification says "You can not select this time slot", and I believe many people might get confused by it. So I am wondering whether it is possible to set a "last booking accept time" or replace it with worker end time. I believe it will make more sense. Thank you.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Oscar, thanks for suggestion. You are right those last slots should not be available for selection. I will put this into requirements list. Best regards, Nikola