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Paul asked 5 years ago
Hello, We have setup the google sync as defined in the video, and they sync is running every 5 minutes. However looking at the log, it's not finding any new events to sync. I have created some events in the next few days and they are blocked on the calendar. Can you give us some pointers please? Thank you Best regards Paul Sync started
[2018-11-02 10:12:07.442610] [debug] Calendars for sync
primary: array(
'location' => '5',
'service' => '11',
'worker' => '6',
[2018-11-02 10:12:07.442682] [info] Syncing events for Calendar: primary
[2018-11-02 10:12:07.442729] [info] Sync event within next 50
[2018-11-02 10:12:08.027632] [info] Fetched from Google Calendar 0 events
[2018-11-02 10:12:08.028879] [info] Synced events : 0
[2018-11-02 10:12:08.028917] [info] Total sync events : 0
[2018-11-02 10:12:08.029280] [info] There are no new appointments needed to be send to Google Calendar
[2018-11-02 10:12:08.029314] [info] Sync Done
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Paul, have you added advanced sync mapping? Connected service, worker and location with that Google Calendar? Best regards, Nikola
paul replied 5 years ago

Hi Nikola

Thanks for the answer. Yes we had to add the advanced calendar. We also had to finalize the booking as they were pending. It’s now working.

Thank you
Best regards

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi Paul thanks for the update 🙂

Best regards,

LeoGui replied 5 years ago

Hi Nikola, Paul’s precision helped me to understand that pending bookings must be confirmed before getting synced. This could be better documented as it is a key for testing 🙂