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Wayne Thomas asked 7 years ago
Hi all, I have a single function room that I am renting out, I want my customers to be able  to first book a date, then check then select a service that they intend to use the hall for, and then confirm a time from the availability. My questions are as follows:  
  1. As I have only one function room, there is no need for the Location dropdown, is it possible to remove this field, or if not, pre-select the function room name so they can skip this step as it is already filled. It doesn't make sense for them to select a location when there is only one.
  2. When it comes to service, I will have a few options here, but lets say for example I have two services to begin with. The first is to book a child's party, and the second service to book a yoga class. The yoga class will be an hour booking and the Children's party 2 hours. Is it possible to set the duration of the individual services so that depending on what is selected by the user, it checks the calendar if that duration is available? For example, if the hall is already booked between 2pm-3pm but 1pm-2pm is free, if the user selects a child party, the option of showing a 1pm booking won't display as only the first hour is available.
  3. Finally, as it's booking a room, there is no need for the worker option, so again, any way to remove this, or possibly pre-select and I could make it quite generic such as onsite staff etc.
Thanks in advance for your help all.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Wayne, regaring your questions: 1. yes you can hide that select field. Here is a example : 2. For now only thing that is preventing one service from booking other is to have same shared Worker between those two. So if you don't have workers you can use it as Location, then if you book Children’s party then you are not be able to book Yoga. 3. Use worker as location and hide it by using example from 1. part. Best regards, Nikola
Wayne Thomas replied 7 years ago

Thank you for your quick response Nikola, I didn’t consider looking at the pre-defined demo 🙂

I’m happy with the outcome as I’m sure that my client will be.