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jose_luis_penades_perez Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, there is two options in the Connect beta that are not working properly as I could see in my installation:
  1. I have assigned an interval of 5 minutes to execute the cron job, but this cron job is generated to be executed every 15 minutes (the default option). I have checked with WP-CONTROL, and I have changed this event to be executed every 5 minutes, but I think you need to check this for the rest of users who do not know what is WP-CONTROL. BTW, I'm doing the cron jobs inside Wordpress, because I have no option in my hosting server to create cron jobs, I mean I have no cPanel or Plesk to do that. 
  2. As you can see in the image, I have selected one of the services I offer to be the default service that must be applied when I create an appointment in Google Calendar. Said this, when I create an appointment in Google Calendar it is not created for that service, but for the one I created first, more expensive, and that I think should be the first one in the database. So, the option is not working, as GC creates the even in the that other service. The only one to avoid this is to just connect the service I want in the advanced tab, but that makes obviously to lose the sync for the other services with Google Calendar, so this is not a solution.
  Could you check this and let me know if it's me of those options are not really working. Thanks, José Luis.
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jose_luis_penades_perez Staff answered 3 years ago
Any news regarding this Nikola? Again three days waiting for an answer and no news from you! Please, let me know if you checked what I told you here, and offer me a solution. As I told you I can create an admin link to the backend of site to see into it if you prefer.  
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi José, regarding Cron if you are using Cron that running under WordPress then that cron executes when someone visit your site. For example no one visit your site for 2 hours then cron will not be executed during that period resulting no sync from Google side even if you have set it to 5 minutes or 15. Running that without Cron from hosting makes things unpredictable. In best scenario you will have visits in 5 minutes interval but who will know that so you can't be sure in proper sync. Also cron execution in that case is limited in duration, leaving space for errors due to sync process being stoped by hosting. Default time for PHP execution on most hosting is 30 seconds. Regarding second issue you need to have two google calendar if you have two services. By doing like that it will sync those Google events under default service if you don't have mappings. My suggestion  would be to create separate calendar for each service and map them inside advance sync options.   Best regards, Nikola 
jose_luis_penades_perez Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Nikola,

1) In any case, the thing was to let you know that although you can select in the option the interval, this interval is not working, and the cron job is generated to be executed every 15 minutes, that was all! Thank you for the explanation about cron jobs in wordpress anyway.

2) It’s a good idea. In any case, by the moment I can not do that test, because I’m still waiting for you to solve the problem with overlapping events when you have more than one service applied to the same worker. But I will check to do it that way when you solve the overlapping of events.

José Luis

jose_luis_penades_perez Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi Nikola, I do not understand completely what do you mean as “Create two google calendars”. Do you mean to have two different emails, and one google calendar for each of them. Because I hace created three calendar in my case, one for each service, and it does not work. Well, I can create events in GC that are populated to EA, but only in the calendar that I have been using until now.

Am I doing something wrong?

Warm regards,
José Luis