Bug – Block time being applied to appointment update

Support forumBug – Block time being applied to appointment update
Murillo asked 3 years ago
Hello, I need some help with an issue that is causing unwanted changes on appointment start times. My block time setting is 180 minutes. When I select an appointment to edit (confirm or cancel for example), the time field shows only timeslots which are after now+180 minutes. Then, if I change only the status field, the time field also gets updated. For example, consider an appointment scheduled to 03/09 10AM. When I edit this appointment at 8AM, the time dropdown shows timeslot starting from 11AM. When I change the status to confirmed and update the appointment, it changes its scheduled time to 11AM. Please help me with that. Thank you.
murillo Staff replied 3 years ago

WP version: 5.6.2
Plugin version: 3.4.3