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elkosx18 Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi, for soem reason (a staging plugin, long story) I had to delete appointments from google and went back to a WP backup. Now the Google Calendar is not synchronizing the old appointments again. What do I have to do, I cleared the
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, can you please tell me what do you mean about old appointments. Sync is working only for events that are in feature. So no old events will be synced.
Best regards, Nikola
elkosx18 Staff answered 4 years ago
I found the solution by DELETE FROM `wp_2_ea_connect_links` -- at the mariadb cli. 1.) I made a fullbackuo and an sqldump of all wp2_ea_* Tables, then deleted all records from wp_2_ea_connect_links and made another sqldump for import. 2.) after export and deleting of all data from google calendar I imported the 2nd dump (the one without wp_2_ea_connect_links records) and EA synchronized all back into Google Calendar and now anything is working perfect again. I just had some wired behavior with mails even if I had selected the checkbox for not sending at all. Unfortunately I do not have access to /var/log/maillog so its not possible to debug further because this was definitely a big mess but  it seems like close to X-M people are happy to get rid of an appointment and the Shitstorm wasn\'t to bad. By the way, I repeated the whole work for changing the #Subject# #Fields# and #message# in google as well and this was a great benefit the customer loved and finally I am more or less the Calendar hero for em ;) Thanks for answering, fM