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Bernard asked 3 years ago
Is it possible for a client to book recurring time slots (within the same connection). Example 1: book every monday from 10-12, from July 1 to Oct 31. Example 2: book every day (Mon to Sun) from 10-12, fom Jun1 to Aug 31. 
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cpsyctc Staff answered 2 years ago
After some teething troubles I have found EA very useful for over two years but one thing that would really help me even more would be to able to add recurring bookings, with or without termination dates, from the control panel.  I feel sure that many of us would benefit from this and am a bit surpised I can't find more about it here.  Perhaps I'm not searching accurately!
wvt_industries Staff answered 2 years ago
Did you get a solution for this? I\'m also looking for a way too set up recurring bookings  
cpsyctc Staff answered 2 years ago
I didn't and I also found that Nicola Loncar was unacceptably slow (in my opinion) in fixing frank bugs in EA so I eventually shifted to Amelia. That probably cost me half a day to put in future appointments and set things up as I want them.  There are a few things in Amelia that aren't quite as I'd want them but recurring appointments and recurring unavailability are easy and seem to work fine and it's a far more flexible and modern looking plugin.  Of course, only a week or so into using it so perhaps I'm tempting fate!  Good luck whether you stay with EA or shift.