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mark_trevino Staff asked 6 years ago
Nikola, I setup the google calendar extention a couple of weeks ago.  Everything appeared to be working.  I have 2 workers and 2 google calendars so I setup the advanced calendar sync.  I set the "sync data for next" to 7 days and sync interval to 5 min.  Unfortunately we have other "Non-EA" appointment events on those 2 calendars.  It appeared that those events got pulled back into EA upon sync as appointments.  So I cleared the "Synce Data for Next" field to blank and the sync interval is still at 5 min.  Basically we want to only "push" the data from EA to the Google Cal.  Since then every few days, I am getting what appears as random Ghost Appontments automatically added into EA with either a Cancel or Confirm status and all the other fields are blank.  It possibly looks like it is still syncing back these other events we have on the google calendar into EA.  Is the Google Sync intended to be 1 way or 2 way?  I assumed the *note "if you want to sync all events se to 0" meant that leaving it blank would only sync 1 way (ie. EA to GCal)? But then there is the other *note at the bottom of Advance Calendars stating new events created in GCal will be synced back to last Cal using default location. (Which would not always work depending on the worker making the event) Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Mark, sync is two way. That is the reason why you are getting those back from GCal. My suggestion would be to split that into separate Google Calendars and have dedicated calendar for EA. Best regards, Nikola