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marco_tesch asked 5 months ago

Hello, Nikola,
Our customers book appointments with us for the collection or return of rented items.
Unfortunately, it is often the case that customers book their appointments one day before the start of the contract in order to simply get an extra day. I have to cancel these appointments every time.
Would it be possible to implement an import function to import e.g. order number and two given dates for pick-up and return?
So you could parse the order number and check against the imported data to prevent wrong entries.
This would really make our work easier.
Thank you for your great job

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Marco, I am not sure that I get that. You want to allow customer to add order number and then you will check against imported data. How will look that data?

Best regards,

marco_tesch replied 5 months ago

Hi Nikola,
thanks for your answer.
i think an export and convert to csv like this :
pickup-date, return-date, order-number


Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Marco, thanks for example. I have also question regarding that, when user add 480601 how date will be mapped because Appointment only have one date?

Best regards,

marco_tesch replied 4 months ago

Hello, Nicola,
I think it would be best if you automatically create 2 shadow entries after import (pickup and return).
These are then activated when the order number is entered in combination with the specified service.
Is this imaginable?