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Alex asked 5 months ago

Hi Nikola,
Thank you for developing the plugin – it’s great,
I am building a site for a customer and who drives to appointments to provide a service; gCal 2 way sync is essential for their business;
Is there a way to set an additional time period in between appointments to allow for travel?
If not, is there plans for such feature? Can you recommend a solution or workaround?
Thank you so much,

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Alex, you want buffer time after the service is done? There is no such option but it can be added.

Best regards,

Alex answered 4 months ago

Exactly – “buffer” time or “padding” time – that would be great,
Yes, my client wants buffer time after a service appointment to allow for driving;
I think other users would appreciate this feature as well, very useful for a business that travels between locations: like home services (electricians, plumbers etc); Or maybe a business might want padding time to clean-up after a customer visit, or do prep-work before a customer visit, etc.
Thank you so much,
Can we expect this functionality in a future release of the plugin ?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 months ago

Hi Alex it will be added. At least buffer time after appointment because it is easier to add then before buffer window.

Best regards,