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BillyT Staff asked 6 years ago
Hi, I integrated and configured Easy Appointments. I have not purchased the Extension yet. Please clarify the following: Does Easy Appointments use the WordPress product catalog? I noted that I have to create products that seem to have no relation to the products I created in the WordPress product catalog. My interest is in using other applications, such as a rewards program (plugin not yet chosen). I want customer purchases to register with the rewards program so customers can earn points. I have tried multiple other applications that use a product catalog and/or payment gateway that do not use the robust functionality of the ecommerce platform. Therefore, cart history cannot be tracked from the ecommerce platform (WooCommerce), rewards points for purchases cannot be earned, etc. How does this work with Easy Appointments? Thank you!
BillyT Staff replied 6 years ago

To further clarify, I noted the following description for the Extension:

WooCommerce integration
Make connection between each service and product within WooCommerce
Add to cart Service/Product on Appointment creation
Redirect to cart or checkout page after creating Appointment
Change appointments status to confirmed after customer finish his/her checkout

Please clarify my question above as it relates to the description. Also, regarding the last line, would I have to manually confirm the appointments or can the whole process be automated, e.g. workflow enter appointment request>flows automatically to checkout>appointment can automatically be confirmed upon payment (note: the desire is for this to be one seamless process for the customer to request a booking, pay for it, and get a confirmation via a single online shopping experience).

Thank you again.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Billy, please take a look at this video . Also it was added that pending appointment is automatically confirmed after checkout is completed. Best regards, Nikola
BillyT Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi Nikola,

Thank you for the reply. I bought the extension and installed it. I tested it one-way by booking an appointment and it went to my calendar. Good.

Afterwards, I tested it 2-way in two ways:

1. New Event in Calendar: I blocked off time in my calendar to indicate that I had a personal appointment. The time still showed as available in Easy Appointments. Is it possible to block off time from the calendar and limit the available for said time in the Easy Appointments calendar for the applicable resource? I watched this video At the end you stated new events scheduled in the calendar would sync with Easy Appointments. So, I think I must have configured something incorrectly. Please advise me.

2. Cancel Booking in Calendar: I had a time booked in my calendar for X. I cancelled the appointment by choosing delete>send notification. The notification was received, by the client. However, Easy Appointments did not show that time as available. Does the system update these types of changes? If so, what suggestions do you have for me?

Thank you.

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, regarding 1. option you will need to set default location and service. Also email must match the workers email if you don't have any advanced sync rows added. Easiest solution will be that you take a screen shot of settings (blur passwords etc) and paste the link here. I can tell you then what is most likely an issue there. 2. Instead of deleting you just change status to canceled. Best regards, Nikola