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Aleksandar asked 4 years ago
Hello Nikola, I have an issue after upgrade on new version. Not possible to select date and time on frontend calendar. Best regards Aleksandar PS: Srecan Bozic i Hristos se rodi
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, can you please check connections. There within should be slot number field. Values must be at least 1 or greater. Looks like you don't have free slots. Best regards, Nikola PS Vaistinu se rodi ;)
Bajweb Staff replied 4 years ago

Thank’s Nikola works perfect…


Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

I have created update that will take care if you don’t enter that value. It will then use by default 1.

Best regards,

Bajweb Staff replied 4 years ago

That’s good thank’s