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Les asked 7 years ago
Hi Nikola, I'm considering to purchase your Extension. However, I'm dealing with this one question in my head:  Some workers will be syncing their Google calendar, but others are on iOS / iCloud instead of Google (and are non-techy girls who probably won't know how to create a Google Calendar and add this to their iPhones).
Obviously, it will probably be impossible for them to have a 2-way sync, due to the nature of iCloud (right?), so I'm considering using a different platform called Cally, which offers an API and has an iOS app on which the workers can provide their availability per day. Do you expect it will be possible in the future to integrate availability into Easy Appointments via an API this way? Or do you have any other ideas regarding 2-way sync with iCal?

Appreciate your thoughts and support, thanks!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Les, thanks for your interest in Easy Appointments. :) Regarding Google Calendar basically only thing that people needs to do is to share their calendar with your Account. Then you will connect yours Account to Extension plugin and from there you will be able to send appointments and sync back. It's not required from each user to do the setup. Regarding other APIs and Cally I am not sure how popular it is. Can you send the link to their documentation. If it is popular we can add support for it. Best regards, Nikola
theagencies answered 7 years ago
So you're saying there is a way for an employee to share his/her iCloud calendar with our Google Calendar account, while preventing us from being able to actually see the contents of their own calendar items? We do want to respect their privacy, so our calendar should only be able see if they're available or unavailable. I know this is possible when sharing a Google Calendar with another Google Calendar, but am not convinced this is also possible between iCloud and Google Cal....  Regarding Cally - they're not making their API public until June probably, so will pick up that subject when it's more relevant.  Thanks!
theagencies answered 7 years ago
Hi Nicolai,   Cally.com and their Dutch version (Datumprikker.nl) have made their API available as a paid option, so I would like to pick up this subject. I also see that in the meantime you have added iCal and Google Cal integration, which may be of help with my initial question.  Here\'s what I\'d like to do: Staff submits their availability in Cally / Datumprikker, and Easy-Appointments reads that data out and processes each staff member\'s availability into their booking calendar on our website. Our staff specifies their availability every day for the next 14 days, so we can set their default availability in Easy Appointments to \'unavailable unless specified differently\'. Alternatively, you can also suggest a different way for our staff to provide their availability instead of Cally / Datumprikker, as long as it\'s quick and simple for them to do from their phones (i.e. not needing to log into our WP backend). We chose Cally because it has a very easy app where they only need to press 1 of three buttons for each day: Green (available), Yellow (maybe available), and Red (unavailable), but if you have any other ideas (feel free to think outside of the box), feel free to suggest!  Last but not least: I\'m willing to pay an extra fee for a custom solution like this.   Thanks!
theagencies replied 7 years ago

Just to add to the above: perhaps we could use Airtable instead of Cally / Datumprikker? I believe that has an API you should be able to work with as well?