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Justin asked 7 years ago
I will have one worker (me), with multiple locations, one service.  The service will be meeting w/ the customer for an exchange of goods/money. If a customer books a time, let\\\'s say they reserve 9/10/17 at 5pm at Location 1, I want to be able to allow more customers to book that same time at Location 1, but not that same time at OTHER locations.  The idea being, I can meet multiple people at that single location, but I can\\\'t be in two places at once. Is this possible with Easy Appointments? On top of that, if someone books an appointment in Location 1, and it takes me 1 hour travel time to get to location 2, is it possible to restrict appointments for location 2 around the appointment for location 1?  For example, Location 1 is booked at 5pm.  I dont want someone to book Location 2 at 5:30, but instead anytime after 6pm. Is this possible with Easy Appointments?