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Puneet asked 6 years ago
I have a query regarding Multiple appointments and discount:

My client wants that user should be able to select multiple slots in a booking, is this feature available.

Also my client wants that if a user selects 1 slot total cost should be $ 5 ($5 per slot), if he/she selects 5 slots total cost should be $ 22.5 ($ 4.5 per slot) and if a user selects 10 slots total cost should be $ 40 ($ 4 per slot).

Need your help.

Please reply on priority.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Puneet as I mention before multiple bookings in a row will be added soon. Regarding discount it will be tricky to add such feature. I will have to check everything needed to be done there. Best regards, Nikola