Jet lag problem in synchronization on google calendar

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Berenice asked 6 years ago
Hello, Thank you for your plugin and your tutorial is perfect!
I have a small problem when I book. when I book on the site, everything works properly. I receive an email with the correct booking times. But when it synchronizes with my google calendar, the reservation has 2h of decallage and more. Yet my google calendar is in the right time zone and everything seems to be correct in the plugin. Do you know where the problem may come from? thank you,
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Berenice, looks like you haven't connect your WP site with system scheduler on your hosting. Result of that is that cron jobs are run when someone visits your site. For example I open a homepage and beside that page your site check if there is additional job for execution. But if no one visits your site for like 2 hours then cron jobs would not run. Solution is to connect it with system scheduler and cron will run on fixed time intervals. Best regards, Nikola