Issues with Google sync, possible to use Crony Plugin?

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Matthew Martin asked 6 years ago
I'm having some issues with the 2-way sync from the Google Calendar side. Deleting or changing appointments does not reflect any change in Easy Appointments itself. However, confirming new appointments with Easy Appointment does show up in the Google Calendar. From reading other topics here, it looks like it's an issue with Cron running inside Wordpress and it not running on the System Task Scheduler on the server. My client's site does indeed have the cron message notification at the top of the Connect page. Unfortunately, my client is using a managed hosting service and therefore doesn't have access to the server to implement the proposed fix. I asked the hosting service if they could provide any assistance, but they don't have a solution yet for allowing people Cron access. They instead pointed me towards this plugin: Is Crony something that I could use to possibly fix the problem with 2-way sync issues since I don't access to the host server? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, you also have other cron services that are free. It's not perfect solution but it's better then non. For example this one of those services : Open account there and set cron job to call your wp-cron.php file every 5 minutes. Also make sure that you sync reasonable amount of days. For example like 15-20 days in Extension settings. Best regards, Nikola